Veera – Album cover


Dziś Veera przedstawi Wam kolejną swoją pracę – niestety jest to jednocześnie ostatnia inspiaracja Veery w ramach naszego DT.

No dobrze,  pozwólmy jej mówić:

„Have you tried decorating your Family Portraits album’s cover? I have and had so much fun with it! I wanted to use some bright colors to brighten up the cover of this album.

I adhered all the papers, alphas and stickers with Gel Medium to make sure that everything will stay in place for years to come. Gel Medium is a great adhesive for this kind of project as it dries clear and it has a matte finish. I added layer of Gel Medium at the bottom and top of the products. This way the cover feels smooth even though there are multiple layers on top.

Album 12x12 Vera & Family Portraits Album cover_2 Album cover_3 Album cover_4 Album cover_5

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