June – let’s go outside


Hello Hello Hello!!!

It's time for new prompts and inspirations!

June theme:


June is all about free time and Summer activities!

During this month we would like to get to know how do You spend Your free time! Inside? Outside? Actively? With a lot of Lazyness? With Your family and friends or mostly alone in silence? Let's document it!
Are You ready to share Your projects with us? 


Sketch challenge:

Each month we provide a single page sketch. This is also our monthly challenge for You Guys! If You want to join - prepare Your work (any kind o project) based on our sketch and share it with us.


You can do it by:
leaving a link under this post 
or sharing it on the Facebook group 

At the end of each month we will choose one challenge winner. 

Don’t miss the chance to win 10$ voucher for CAT File products! 

Here's June sketch:




And here's interpretation from Mira:





Journaling prompts:

Don't forget to add journaling to Your albums! According this month
theme here's the list of writing prompts that You can use:

Letter to myself - write Your thoughts in the form of letter to Yourself

What is the most surprising activity that I like and never thought I would even try?

Letter to my kid - write the letter to Your child - we are sure You will enjoy reading it in the future

Ask Your kids what is their recent favorite THING to do in their free time. Write it in Your letters with Your own thoughts about it.


Currently - use the bullet points here/ Aktualnie - w tym miejscu piszemy hasłowo i w punktach


White down what consumes Your free time (You can create a pie chart showing those ctivities with the time proportions) and answer the question: Where is the Facebook time on that list? 😛 And just think about the results :))



What is the most important thing for Your family that happened recently?


Photo prompt challenge:

Let's get lost!!


This is also a challenge! Take a picture according to the prompt above and share it with us to get a chance to win 10$ coupon for CAT File products!!

You can do it by:
leaving a link under this postor sharing it on the Facebook group


Prompts for Kids drawings/Wytyczne dla rysunków Dzieci:

 Draw Your favorite holiday activity/ Narysuj swoją ulubioną wakacyjną zabawę

Share the kid drawing with us to get a chance to win CAT File Illustration!! (see it: click click!) 


You can share the drawing by:
leaving a link under this postor sharing it on our Facebook group



We prepared some freebies so visit our CAT File store regularly to collect them all: click click!



Digital designs


If You need some digi designs for Your projects - here You go: click!


And remember! We have physical products available too! They are ALL perfect for Your projects! Click click!



We can't wait to see Your works! 

Have Fun recording Your Free time!

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