Tutorial – how to use Art Words on Your pictures using mobile devices

Hi there!
Today we have a second part of our tutorial – this one for mobile devices and we use free version of Phonto application!

First install the app and open it
choose the picture from the album or take new one
You can alter Your picture with some filter presets, or leave it the way it is
accept changes using „Done” button
Tap on the screen
and choose the option „Add Text”
You will get the writing panel, so write whatever You like. To change a font hit the „Font” button
choose the font from the list or from Your Own Font list
If You haven’t installed anything yet, see the instructions hidden under the button „How To Install Fonts”
Then instal our WordArt font and choose it from the list
write a letter between a and i and see what’s happening 馃檪 allign Your text if You need it and hit the button „Done” to add the Word Art to Your picture
You can change the style of Your Art Word
check all the options available (our favorite is color and transparency)
You can also add a stroke
and the background
and different kinds of shadows! How cool is that!?
You can also change a size of Your Art Word
and it’s direction 馃檪
or add another text
to save the image hit the button on the bottom right corner of the screen
and enjoy the results!

We hope that You find these instructions inspiring!
Have fun with Your Art Words!