Tutorial – how to use ART WORDS on your pictures


Today we are sharing the tutorial that we promised you some time ago about how to use ART WORDS on your pictures with open-source software. Here you go:

Find the ttf font file on your computer and double-click on the icon to install the font
Install the font
Open PICASA-open-source software (you can download it form here: click clikc!) and find the picture to work with. Double-click on it
Choose the TEXT option on the left panel
Add your text (remember that CATFile ARTWords have representation only for a few first letters of the alphabet)
Choose the proper font from the font dropbox on the left (search for CATFile, for iOS the font name is font3028)
Choose the options to change the visual effects (like colour and transparency). To save the changes click the button „Accept”.
You can add more text with another font following previous steps.
Voila! Your picture is ready.

Here’s the video showing the same process in iOS system:


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